Is your hair thinning? Does it look dead or malnourished? Normally we lose 100 strands of hair per day; anything significantly more than that should set off your alarm. If your answer is yes it might be for your best interest to change your lifestyle. Hairs are like plants you need to feed them and nourish them. The right diet and the right products will make a significant difference, from thin broken strands to plump and long hair strands. Don’t think that this is going to be easy; this will take a lot of effort but this effort will be well invested. It’s well knownRead More →

When a man begins to go bald, two things go down the drain—his hair and his confidence. Perhaps you have a family history of early hair loss or you have already noticed that your hair is starting to thin; either way you are no doubt wondering how to stop balding. According to Albert Mannes, Ph.D., a University of Pennsylvania researcher who’s studied perceptions of balding: “Thick hair has always been associated with youth and masculinity.” Hair loss signals aging that’s why there are people—who may be thinning up top themselves—have put balding in their crosshairs. Here are the new ways to save what’s there, regainRead More →

People who suffered from diseases at one point in their life may notice that they have experience hair fall or hair loss. If you are one of those crash dieters, losing a lot of pounds in such a short amount of time will lead to sudden hair loss. For women who just gave birth, the pains of labor don’t stop there, you are sure to lose some hair. You just have a stressful event in your life happened, and you got sick with high fever. This could happen as well after recovering from a long operation, or even when you are taking the meds toRead More →

Hair is your crowning glory. Having healthy and vibrant gives makes us look good and more confident. You will be surprised to find that achieving healthy and beautiful hair can be mundane as using the proper tools, eating the right kind of nutritious foods, getting enough rest and relaxation, good personal hygiene, and using the right kind of hair care products. Not only are these tips simple but practiced every day it can be good for your health, talk about hitting two birds with one stone; not to mention also inexpensive. Here are some simple and down to earth tips to keep your hair’s healthRead More →

Still losing hair after managing your stress and dedicating time for rest and relaxation? Is your new healthy diet regimen not working to prevent thinning hair or hair loss? After taking necessary precautions and being careful to take better care of yourself and practicing personal hygiene; and you are still losing significant amount of hair every day, then there must be something else that ia wrong. It may be time to face the facts and accept the inevitable. You are going to be bald. Androgenetic Alopecia – hair loss at a genetic level, it can start as early as one’s teens. Don’t you worry thisRead More →

No matter what causes hair loss, visible bald patches or lose your hair completely, causes sudden depression, which may impact your mental health and all aspects of your life. Finding ways to treat and prevent hair fall? Think there’s no growing back? Not true — here’s what to do about hair loss. While you can seek medical advice with regards to treatment for hair loss, there are ways to do about hair loss that can help you both practically and emotionally at this time. Your genes largely determine whether you’ll be one of these men. But Adam Penstein, MD, chief dermatologist at North Shore-Long IslandRead More →

Both men and women lose around 100 hairs every day, this may be normal but losing hair more often can lead to visible noticeable hair loss. At the course of their lifetime as many half of men and a similar number of women are affected of this problem. Loss of hair may not cause physical harm, but this can be distressing for men and women alike. Examples of some implications of hair loss include: low mood, anxiety, Dissatisfaction with appearance and resulting poor body image and Low self-esteem and loss of confidence. The psychological constraint of hair loss in men and women affects both ofRead More →

You need to read this before you start panicking when you see hair on your pillow. Before you sound the alarm there is hair loss and hair shedding, which are you experiencing? Hopefully it’s just hair shedding. This is pretty much normal; everyone goes through this cycle every day. We shed 50 – 100 hairs a day, anything significantly more than that is hair loss medically known as telogen effluvium. Again do not panic. We will discuss the difference between hair loss and hair shedding. Then after identifying the type of hair loss, there will be tips on what course of action should be taken.Read More →

Hair loss when ignored can be a major problem if not physically but also emotionally and psychologically. It’s normal for us to find hair strands clogged with hair strands every day. The number of strands we normally lost in a day varies, but on average is 100. In order to maintain our hair’s volume, it must be replaced at the same rate at which it is lost. When ignored it will lead to “alopecia” or also known as balding. At the first signs of hair thinning it is important for us to keep necessary measures to prevent hair loss. The following our ways to preventRead More →

There are many tips out there to manage hair loss and the different factors that cause hair loss. However, in this article we will focus on only one factor and one solution. We are going to approach hair loss prevention within a nutritional perspective or simply but your diet. We have collected 8 of the best diet tips to boost your hair growth. These tips are guaranteed to keep your hair looking beautiful, vivid, and thick. It’s time to take better care of your crowning glory. These tips don’t work instantly; it will take a lot of effort and discipline if you want to keepRead More →