Ways to Prevent Hair Loss !


Simple Ways To Prevent Hair Loss Today

Is your hairline receding? Want to prevent hair loss? Are you losing more hair than usual? Have no fear there is a solution for hair loss and preventive solutions for thinning hair. It may be simple but it is definitely not easy; the simple solutions are also inexpensive. Preventing hair loss takes discipline and a lot of effort. These are not short term solutions but these will most definitely be beneficial for your health in the long run; not only your health but also your pocket.

Here are some simple and down to earth tips to keep that crown bright and shiny.

When you are that stressed to the point that you feel like pulling hair, don’t fret, because you are not alone. A lot of balding folks claimed that they are having a very stressful lifestyle. And that stress is the one causing all the hairs in their head to fell off.
But a lot of people forget that if you comb your hair when it is wet, it causes damage and hair fall. This is common practice among people because it is a time saver and gets the job done, but little do they know that this can cause a lot of damage to hair and its roots, because the hair is still at its heaviest when wet.

Frequent chemical treatments, like blow drying, coloring and ironing can lead to hair fall and future hair loss. Prevent it by going all natural on your locks. Always use nature products and avoid excessive chemical use.

Drinking natural juices coming from a simple nature product like an onion will go miles of helping you with your hair loss problems. Although they don’t taste the best, they are very healthy and good for you.
Stress management starts with how your body cope with it. To make your body healthy, go green and eat a balance diet. Stay alert by getting enough rest and avoid over sleeping too.

Always re hydrate and avoid being dehydrate from the inside out. Being healthy means drinking a lot of water too.

Pamper you hair ladies and gentlemen. Treat it like it’s your own body; someday we tend to forget that it is. Sometimes we focus too much on our skin or other parts of our body that the hair is left for granted.

Massage your scalp; you don’t have to take a trip to the spa or massage salon, massage it by yourself. It isn’t going to take too much of your time and doesn’t cost anything. Massaging your hair stimulates blood flow to you follicles; and as a plus it feels good and relaxing. What is a massage without oil right? Use oils that are good for your health and your hair and massage on.

Don’t get too fixated on fashion; over working your hair with drying and heating procedures can kill your hair. Also, your hair deserves the best, use only the best quality products and accessories. Eat healthy every part of your body needs nutrients including your hair.

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