Why going natural for curing hair loss is best


When you age, it is natural that you lose some of the best years of your body. One of the easiest tell signs of aging can be seen through your skin and through your hair. For some people, going bald is acceptable, and even women may find it attractive at some point. Some cultures even embraced it. But not for women. Women that go bald will have a scarred self esteem and low confidence in their selves. We cannot blame everything to what we have done in the past, but genetics is often the highest percentage makeup of why someone go bald or starts losing hair. So if your family tree have a rich history of folks going bald, halfway there is you becoming bald too when you reach a certain age in your life. For men, the highest percentage of going bald is around 30-45 years of age. But for women the numbers go low. The balding age and hair thinning age for women starts early as 24 – 34 years old. Factor out the environment factors and years and years of priming, spraying and hair colors and all those chemicals put into the scalp, and then you got yourself and early entry to being bald.
Men although used a lot of chemicals too in their lifetime find it simple to get their hair back. There are a lot of options for men to regrow their hair than there is with women. For men hair transplant is the fastest way to get hair back. This is not the case for women, as women have different way of losing hair, they lose hair not from scalp problems or root problems, they lose hair due to thinning of the hair strands and this cannot be remedied by a simple hair transplant.
Simple do it yourself home remedies for hair loss can mostly be found in the kitchen. The best combat against hair fall is treating the scalp, getting rid of dandruff and making your hair strands stronger and not thin. If you achieve these 3 principles, then you will have a full restore of your young looking self with beautiful hair do all over again in just a few months. Going natural will set you back in months and months of treatment, but will not set you back much on money and will be easy on your pocket. If you don’t like to go the natural way, then there are other medical solutions for you to try out, but do not that these are expensive options.
Protein is what makes hair strong and firm, so your diet must improve in protein to help your body have more of it and you will have healthy hair as a result. For women, some shampoos have protein extract on them, or you can go with the best source of protein which is fish and meat and soya and nuts. These will help you have a good balance diet as well as help with your hair thinning problems.

Cassiopeia shares her natural hair journey

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